Weekly Round-Up

Morning All,

Here is what happened this week and what is coming up:

Wellington RTC was pleased to welcome two travelling tennis teams to our court on Sunday: the Dedanists and the Hurlingham Pigeons, two teams with a long history of friendly rivalry. Matters were managed under the careful marksmanship of Andy Chinneck who brought an amount of control to the more excitable players.

There was hardly any unpleasantness. The HP captain, Simon Talbot-Williams, had some harsh words to say about his doubles’ partner, but it transpired that he was referring to his partner at Lord’s yesterday, not the goddess of tennis, Sue Haswell.    An excellent roast lunch, and copious quantities of wine helped to smooth the day.

For the record, James McDermott and Charlie Enticknap, deputising for his father, lost to Matthew Page and John Deere. Peter Dean and Jonathan Ellis-Miller won narrowly on a count back of games against Richard Pettit and Nick Pellew. David Mills and Peter Dean lost to Patrick Jenkins and Nick Pellew. Graeme Marks and Simon Webster really raised their game to beat the seasoned combination of Simon Talbot-Williams and Sue Haswell. Giles Stogdon and Charles Oliphant-Callum also played well to beat Matthew Page and Richard Dalzell. Overall, a victory to the Dedanists, three rubbers to two.   It was good to see several new members of the Dedanists’ Society taking part and contributing so much to the success of the day.

WRTC Welcomed another Dedanists’ Society match play day on Saturday: Freddie Bristowe, William Flynn and Levi Gale all traded on the court and learnt valuable tips and tactical knowledge to rasie their game up to the next level. As always a huge thanks to The Dedanists’ for their continued support in the game.


  • Category E- Please come down and see the Country’s 40-50 handicappers compete for the prestigious title this weekend 14/15th March.
  • 28th March TVL v Leamington home- We are looking for doubles pairs to play in this event with handicaps 30/40/50/60: We have three players in the team so far, please contact the team if you would like to play
  • 29th March Prested Hall home friendly fixture- All standards welcome.  Please let the pro team if you wish to play in one or both of these fixtures.


Tuesday 10th March    9am Michael Crawford  (80)

                                    7pm James Tipple (83)

                                    8pm Marcus Jefferson (58)

Wednesday 11th          9am Annabel A G (82)

                                    11am Doubles 70+

                                    1pm David Best (62)

Friday 13th                  10am Dan Eld (56)

Sunday 15th                 7-9pm James Hickson (61)

See you all on court soon