Please review the club fixtures below over the next few months. Should you have any questions, please contact Danny Jones.

Date Fixture Location Wellington Match Manager
Sunday 22nd Sept Brigands WRTC Malcolm Thorp
Saturday 28th Sept Haphazards WRTC  
Sunday 29th Sept Radley TVL WRTC  
Sunday 6th Oct Middlesex Middlesex DJP- AJP
Saturday 26th Oct Old Rugbians WRTC Oliver Buckley
Sunday 27th Oct MCC WRTC James McDermott
Saturday 9th Nov OW WRTC Malcolm Thorp
Sunday 10th Nov Hurlingham Pigeons WRTC  
Sunday 17th Nov Brodie Cup- Oxford Away Oxford Drew Dowie
Saturday 23rd Nov Bristol WRTC  
Sunday 24th Nov Prested Hall WRTC Ian Hawkey
Saturday 30th Nov Army (RT& rackets) WRTC Drew Dowie
Saturday 7th Dec Dedanists v WRTC WRTC  
Sunday 8th Dec Brodie Cup – Hatfield TBC Drew Dowie
Saturday 4th Jan Hampsters WRTC  
Saturday 18th Jan LRTA Match WRTC  
Sunday 26th Jan Poss Brodie Cup TBC Drew Dowie
Saturday 1st Feb Jesters WRTC Graeme Marks/SFR
Sunday 2nd Feb Oratory Oratory  
Sunday 16th Feb Oxford – TVL WRTC  
Saturday 22nd Feb Hardwick House  TVL WRTC  
Saturday 28th March Leamington TVL WRTC  
Sunday 24th Nov Prested Hall WRTC  
Sunday 29th March Newmarket Newmarket  
Saturday 25th April Cambridge WRTC Liz Leach
Sunday 17th May Petworth Petworth  
Saturday 6th June Queens WRTC  
Saturday 13th June Hampton RTC WRTC Giles Doy
Saturday 27th June Bridport WRTC